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A Magnetic Connection

Jayme Graves and Josh Finstein

When Jayme Graves and Josh Finstein first clicked on each other’s online “jdate” profiles, they knew that this was the kind of cyber connection definitely worth exploring. Jayme remembers being “taken by Josh’s great smile in his photo and the wittiness that came through in his profile.” “You look like the kind of girl that I could stand to get to know,” wrote Josh in his first email to Jayme.  

A lot of email exchanges and online chats led to long phone conversations. Given Josh’s busy schedule as an accountant during tax season, it took a few weeks for them to finally meet in person, but finally, during a snowstorm on a Sunday evening in February, Josh and Jayme met face to face and had their first official date. “We drove around looking for a place that was open,” says Jayme. “After driving all around town, we came upon a Mexican restaurant near my apartment that was still open, so that’s where we ended up.” 

The night was filled with easy conversation and lots laughs. “We had that kind of magnetic connection on our first date that makes you feel like you’ve known the other person forever. It was so comfortable; we just wanted to keep seeing each other whenever we could after that,” recalls Josh.  

It wasn’t long before Josh and Jayme were taking their first vacation together across the country to California. Three years, many more vacations and umpteen dates later, Jayme and Josh found themselves inseparable and ready to take the next step. But shortly after their three-year anniversary, they found themselves in a situation that would test the strength of their relationship and ultimately bring them even closer together. 

Josh was playing in a softball game one Sunday morning in early October, when he slid into third base and heard a crack. After being rushed to the hospital, Josh underwent surgery to repair a bad break in his leg. Three days later he was sent home to start the long road to recovery. Jayme was there through it all, taking care of him. Josh recalls: “She was absolutely amazing and strong enough for both of us during an extremely trying ordeal. I could not have gotten through it without her.”

A few weeks later, on a November night in Jayme’s apartment, they were relaxing in their sweatpants, eating leftovers and celebrating Tex’s—their Chihuahua’s—5th birthday. Josh proceeded to get down on his “good” knee and asked Jayme to spend the rest of her life with him. They were married less than seven months later, overlooking the beautiful Pleasant Bay at Wequassett Resort and golf in Chatham, Massachusetts. They followed up the wonderful weekend by spending 10 nights honeymooning in St. Lucia.

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